Proud of the work we've done

We have had a lot of campaign work for both, partisan and non-partisan races over the last decade. After the 2016 election we decided it was time to get fully engaged in the political process again. Most of these races have taken place since the 2017 city council races and beyond. 

Partisan Races:

Lorie Burch for Congress TX-3 – Field, Strategy, Digital, Video Production, Policy, Opp Research

Linsey Fagan for Congress TX-26 – Field advisor

Karen Jacobs for Texas House District 33 – Field

Sameena Karmally for Texas House District 89 – Field

Obama For America – Field

Non-Partisan Races:

Lauren Doherty for Allen City Council – Strategy and field

Mukesh Parna for Frisco City Council – Strategy, outreach

LaShon Ross for Plano City Council – Field advisor

Melanie Hughes for Allen City Council – Campaign Advisor

Jon Cocks for Mayor (Fairview) – Campaign management, strategy, field, graphics, website, video

K.D. Warach For Frisco City Council – Field Advisor

George Fuller For Mayor (McKinney) – Field

LaShadion Shemwell For McKinney City Council – (Runoff) – Campaign Management / field