Our most commonly asked question is, What is Nerio Strata?

Political battles are fought over the ideas of how to govern people by using strategic messaging, media, and field organizing techniques. Over the last decade, technology has caused significant shifts in how to effectively manage campaigns and more effectively reach voters. Our team has proven we have what it takes to lead, manage and guide campaigns to a Path to Victory in the new era of politics.

You may have heard the old saying, “politics is war,” and that’s where the idea
behind Nerio Strata began. Nerio is the Roman war Goddess of valor, and thus, should we be required to partake in war, we prefer it be without bloodshed, but with valor. We believe that politics is in some ways a battle, but one that must be fought.

We also believe any successful campaign must have a strong, multi-layered foundation if it is to achieve the greatest possible results. This idea is the very definition of “Strata” and therefore, fit perfectly into our ideology. We strongly believe that good, smart strategies that are multi-layered approaches can win if the plan is fully implemented.

It is with these beliefs that Nerio Strata was born in 2017.