In the new age of digital campaigning, videos work

Lorie Burch ran for Congress TX-3 in the 2018 midterm elections. She ran in a prominently republican district and had a 17% gain from the years prior. She was the third highest increase in voter turnout out of all of the congressional races in Texas. She defied the odds and turned the district competitive by being the first woman to be elected to any major party ticket, as well as refusing to take PAC money from any and all sources. 

In 2018, the local Collin County Democratic Party worked diligently to promote their candidates with the resources they had. Working with our digital team from Angel Fire Media, they asked to have a GOTV ad formed to promote through social media that highlighted the many great candidates we had running. Collin County was one of the leading counties in voter turnout in the entire state of Texas in the 2018 elections. 

Jon Cocks ran for mayor in the small town of Fairview, TX in the 2019 Municipal elections. He led the way in talking with voters who were previously not engaged and boosted the turnout in his town significantly from previous election years. We were proud to stand with him and work with him on his bid to represent his community.

Mukesh ran for Frisco City Council in the 2019 municipal elections. He worked hard and truly wanted to represent the community at-large by discussing issues to address the city’s rapid growth to reduce traffic, help small business owners, and lower property taxes for residents.